The PlayStation 3 generation

The PlayStation 3 generation

Diablo 3 for Play station 3 Console

Diablo 3 is the best game in playstation not only in playstation also you can play this to computer. This the best game For me because of graphic and effect more player or games wants cool and amazing effect and graphic.
Before you begin your quest to banish evil from the world of Sanctuary, you'll need to decide what kind of hero you want to play as.l you choose from two of the five character classes available in the full game ? Barbarian or Wizard ? and whether to be male or female. The type of character you choose depends on how you want to play the game; Barbarians rely on brute strength and heavy weapons, covering themselves in armour to get to the heart of the battle. Wizards use arcane power to cast spells, summon mystical energies to heal themselves and use their magical powers to take out enemies from a distance.
?For me is the best is barbarians because of her strength and cool armor and weapon. But if you want more skill or magic type the best is wizard type.
For search to the fallen star
Your journey begins at the beginning of Act 1 as a mysterious light appears in the sky above the town of New Tristram. Depending on which character you have chosen, you'll discover details of what has brought you to New Tristram, and what drives you to discover the truth about the fallen star as you enter the town, giving you the perfect opportunity to test out your new powers.
Become more powerful
As you battle the monsters that are plaguing New Tristram, you'll earn XP ? indicated on the yellow bar in the bottom left corner of your screen. Every time the bar is filled, you'll level up, granting you access to more powers and abilities. It won't be long before you reach level two; when you do, press the SELECT button to bring up your character's inventory, then choose the skills menu to discover your new powers. These could be active skills or, as you reach higher levels, passive skills and runes which grant you even more powerful abilities.

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