The PlayStation 3 generation

The PlayStation 3 generation

The Whooping Sales of the PlayStation 4 after It was Released

Sony Computer Entertainment brings another innovative video game console in the market today.
According to Andrew House, which is the group CEO and president of the company, the PlayStation 4 has sold over 2.1 million units two weeks after they released its next-generation video console. The PlayStation 4 was first introduced on November 15, 2013 in North America and captured more than millions of gamers in its first day in the market.
Since the company extended the reach of PlayStation 4 to 32 countries in which it is available, Sony has not moderately succeeded to keep up that fast pace for its sales. However, the CEO claimed that the 2.1 million units shows a new record for Sony when it comes to unit’s sales.
This new record signify a marked, if predictable, development from the performance of the company from the 2006 release of the predecessor of the PlayStation 4, which is the PlayStation 3 that was released last year after Xbox 360. From the report of Financial Times, it took the company for about four months to sell 1.1 million consoles of PS3 in North America.
Nonetheless, in spite of any early success of the PlayStation 4, some game industry analysts claimed that long-term performance depends a lot on how the platforms successfully forms its portfolio of content for their gadgets. Thus, that will be the major deciding aspect on who comes out on the list.
In my opinion, although the journey of PS4 has only started, the success for this new gaming console is very high, particularly if you look with its initial sales in North America. Definitely, this is one of the best video game consoles in the PlayStation series.
So, it is not surprisingly if PS4 will reign on top, surpassing the figures and statistics of its predecessors of Sony’s game console series. With its rate up to this date, we can see how it will rule the market for the following weeks or months. Of course, the company is still worried, as there is still a tight competition among other game console brands in the market.

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